You are pregnant and looking for a midwife?

Midwives are THE experts and your direct contacts
for pregnancy, birth and the first time with your baby.

The following services are usually covered by your statutory health insurance:

The work of midwives

From the beginning of pregnancy to the end of breastfeeding, midwives are there to support you: completely, comprehensively, medically and psychosocially.

Research shows that good midwifery care can lead to fewer preterm births, fewer medical interventions during birth, and shorter hospital stays. Another positive effect is longer and more frequent breastfeeding.

Midwives support the natural course of pregnancy and birth. A doctor is called in when something no longer goes according to the rules. Up to this point, the midwife is trained to provide full medical care to women.

During pregnancy

The midwife will advise you on where and how your child should be born: Delivery room, birth center or home birth.

Midwives can determine pregnancy and issue the maternity passport. If there is no high-risk pregnancy and the pregnant woman is healthy, midwives can perform almost all the preventive examinations specified in the maternity passport. For example, they check your child’s weight and blood pressure and determine their position and size. In addition, they check whether the heart sounds are okay and regularly examine urine and blood values. Only ultrasound examinations are reserved for female or male physicians. Midwives are also the first point of contact for pregnancy complaints and preterm labor.

In addition to all these activities, midwives also offer various childbirth preparation courses. These can be, among others: Birth Preparation, Fit in Pregnancy or Yoga for Pregnant Women.

The obstetrics

During the birth, you as an expectant mother will be supported by the midwife as a specialist for the birth. She intervenes in the birthing process only when medically necessary and consults a physician as needed. A midwife must be present at every birth in Germany – this is stipulated by law (duty to consult). Midwives attend births in hospitals, birth centers and at home.

The midwives’ work is characterized by trust in the success of the birth – their support during the birth encourages you to give birth safely, self-determined and individually.

In the puerperium

Postpartum care is provided “outreach” at home, making it unique in the German health care system. The midwife remains the contact person after the birth for questions about your care and that of your baby.

The postpartum period can be fraught with many questions and new challenges. Your midwife will provide you with assistance on any issues that concern you.

This can be for example

  • Breastfeeding and feeding your baby
  • Comforting and carrying
  • Sleep and thrive
  • Regression processes of your body
  • Lactation and nutrition
  • Mother role, father role and self-care
  • Becoming parents – being parents
  • Review of your birth experience

After the birth, midwives also offer various courses. A particularly important offer is the postnatal gymnastics. In addition, there are course topics such as. “Baby Massage” or “First Aid for the Child.”

Midwives are happy to give you all the necessary information in person: so get in touch with a midwife as early as possible!

Please note:
For staffing reasons, the Network Office for Midwifery Care cannot take on any personal referral work.

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